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Author: Sushanta Kumar Mishra

Sushanta Mishra is Associate Director at IDcentral. He has around 14 Years of experience in Banking, Insurance & B2B industry. He has worked on numerous transformational projects across Machine Learning & Deep Learning.
December 14, 2021

Product update: IDcentral’s Liveness Detection

Concepts like AI-based video editing and augmented video processing are not just buzzwords anymore. Fraudsters now have easy access to plug-and-play products that enable them

June 28, 2021

Product Update: SMS TxN Extractor-The future of income proof and financial profiling

With our continuous pursuit to help businesses reduce the blind spots in business metrics, we have come up with yet another feature that will prove

April 12, 2021

Product Update: IDcentrals document verification is now better than ever!

OCR is a perfect example of ‘Technology’ making human life easier. Identifying information from uploaded documents and extracting information was not as easy as it