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June 15, 2020

M-Shwari: A window into the future of micro credit

Micro credit is one of those financial offerings which resides at the rare confluence of societal benefit and profit motive. The impact of microcredit availability

March 10, 2020

Indonesia’s identity theft problem, and ways to overcome it

Indonesia is amidst a digital transformation stage, with many digital businesses booming, especially in the finance sector. However, these efforts are being hindered by a

January 23, 2020

Data Protection, Regulation and Control hold Immense Possibilities for Consumers in the Future

Over the last few decades, volumes of domestic and cross-border data flow have skyrocketed. Predictions from a team of software experts from Techjury estimated that

July 17, 2019

A brief history of “Identity”

In ancient history, to be able to establish identity implied you had to recognize the person simply by their appearance. So typically, one actively transacted

July 10, 2019

Alternate Data, a catalyst in creating Digital Identity

Identity verification is the first and significant part of any business transaction. Traditionally, businesses have been relying on tacit agreements and physical copies of Government

July 04, 2019

Future of Digital Identity

Identity verification has progressed drastically with the infusion of technology over a period of time. Currently, identity verification depends on physical and digital proof managed