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Identify good transaction and provide optimum user experience to your customers with IDcentral's identity analytics solution.

Onboarding Solutions

Make your customer’s eKYC experience easy breezy while steering clear from all the identity thefts!

Pick and choose the onboarding solution that fits right for your business, out of the suite of onboarding services offered by IDcentral. We take care of end-to-end onboarding that provides a hassle-free digital experience and safeguards against identity thefts that might affect your business operations. So, you’ll have everything you need to grow your business securely!


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Onboarding Solutions
Document verification

Document verification

IDcentral’s advanced OCR engine can extract data from a variety of identity and non-identity documents (For example, passport or driving license). It can even rotate the document to its appropriate orientation to avoid manual checks. It easily analyses reflection, blur, orientation, soiling, and pixel clarity before extracting and parsing the data. All in a few seconds! Following are the features of IDcentral’s OCR based document verification:

  • Tested on low-quality documents​
  • Supports 360 Degree skew in documents
  • Supports OCR, MRZ & barcodes​
  • Supports document quality reporting​
  • Supports national ID, passport & driving license​
  • Image forensic to verify security features​

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Liveness detection

Wow your customers with IDcentral’s AI-based liveness detection! Deepfakes, bots, and advanced spoofing attacks have made certified liveness detection a must-have feature in any biometric-based verification solution. IDcentral integrates certified liveness detection to thwart the many well-documented vulnerabilities in less robust liveness technologies which are susceptible to spoofing.

Features of IDcentral’s Liveness detection:

  • Face Mapping
  • Ability to detect micro-movements
  • Active / Passive modes to improve customer throughput
  • SDK based Integration​
  • Highest accuracy rates in the industry (Overall Accuracy 90%+. FMR ~0.2%, FNMR <10%.)
  • Handles spoofing attacks via mobile video, paper masks, eye hole masks, latex masks
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Liveness detection
Face match capabilities

Face match capabilities

Speed up customer onboarding with online facial recognition. IDcentral’s facial recognition technology reduces the risk of identity fraud. By comparing a picture taken at the moment of registration with the photo on the document, we confirm that your users really are who they claim to be:

Features of IDcentral’s face match capabilities:

  • Cutting edge facial biometric technology​
  • Advanced age mapping​
  • Object identification
  • Identify users with a mismatched mustache, beard, or spectacles in document vs. selfie.
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AML/PEP sanction list

Validate anti-money laundering procedures with advanced AML datasets acquired from global regulatory bodies. IDcentral immediately raises a flag against any suspicious customer trying to access your services. We assist you in establishing comprehensive security standards to engage only with legitimate parties and suppliers.

Features of AML/PEP sanction lists:

  • Exhaustive dataset of 1000+ global watchlists, PEPs, and sanction lists
  • Data acquired under the guidelines of FATF and CTF guidelines
  • Real-time monitoring of the full spectrum of critical sanction lists
  • AML database regularly updated every 15 minutes
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AML/PEP sanction list
Low-touch risk scoring

Low-touch risk scoring

Quick and smooth customer onboarding within 5 seconds for low-risk products on E-commerce platforms, food tech, and travel apps with zero additional steps. Reduce drop-off rates, fulfil regulatory compliance, and onboard customers faster. Opt for flexible verification solutions based on your clients’ needs.

Email risk score: 

  • Verify the tenure and risk of email ID in real-time with data collected from 800 plus applications/websites.
  • Get detailed information on data breaches, social media associations, and 50 plus data points outlining the complete profile of the Email ID owner.

Domain risk:

Know how risky the domain can be along with 15 other data points regarding private or corporate domains.

MSISDN risk:

Feature: You can get detailed information about the tenure of mobile number, validity, category (Postpaid/prepaid), data quota, and locality score from telecom operators.

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Sign up for our 6-months free eKYC solution!

IDcentral’ s 6 months free eKYC solution helps companies see real identity – the humans behind the screens – with leading AI and expertise in identity space. Your customers can prove their identities, wherever they are, with just an ID and their face. This includes OCR solution, face match and liveness detection solution. Now grow your business with ease without worrying about identity thefts and without baring any cost for 6 whole months!

  • It is a self- serve platform
  • Highly accurate, tested on low quality documents
  • Active livenss detection via SDK
  • Supports 360 degree skew in documents
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