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Liveness Detection

Real-time biometric verification to protect you from fake customers

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    Get 100% confidence that your customers are genuine with IDcentral’s passive liveness detection

    IDcentral’s Liveness Detection is a ready-to-implement AI-based authentication solution that can quickly determine whether the customer on the other side of the camera is a live user or a fraudulent one using biometric data. Reputed as one of the most advanced and accurate liveness detection solutions in the industry, it helps organizations provide alternate authentication channel thereby elevating the customer experience.

    How it works

    Product Features

    3D face mapping with industry-highest accuracy rates

    • Supports 100x more data points than a standard 2D image mapping
    • 95% accuracy (FMR of ~0.2% and FNMR of <10%)
    • Enhance the efficacy of your authentication processes
    • Laser-like precision to identify any spoofing attempt
    Face Matching
    Face Matching

    Product Features

    Detects fraud indicators for comprehensive protection

    • AI-based enhanced facial feature recognition to confirm identity
    • Works around any obstruction that may be used to mislead KYC
    • Supports plug-and-play and easy SDK integration

    Product Features

    Passive detection for a frictionless user experience

    • Passive liveness detection runs in the background
    • Accelerates turnaround time for identity authentication
    • Does not require the active involvement of users or customers
    Passive detection for a frictionless user experience



    Secures from spoofing attacks via mobile video, paper masks, eye hole masks, latex masks


    Elevates customer experience by providing a seamless ID verification process


    Supports smooth business operations by automating tedious verification processes

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