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Adtech/ Digital Marketing

Enrich your data, enhance your customer's digital experience.

Adtech/ Digital Marketing

IDcentral is one of the largest data repositories that helps you enrich your data and enhance your customer's digital experience.

IDcentral re-confirms whether data provided by the customer is precise and provides deeper insights of the client’s socio-economic profile, demographics, income range, on top of real time location and other basic information before onboarding. Hence, providing a complete view based on information gathered by combining customer's web browsing activities and insights from our data partners.

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Adtech/ Digital Marketing

Solutions Across Adtech/ Digital Marketing Industry

Data enrichment

IDcentral collaborates with multiple data partners and tracks their digital footprints on social media. This gives insights into the socio-economic profile of the customer which helps you to provide personalized recommendations according to their preferences.

Customer segmentation

It’s not about how much data you have, but it’s about what you’re able to do with it! Personalize your marketing approach using consumer attributes. IDcentral has the required expertise and trusted solutions that can help you to streamline the information.

Alternate credit scoring

Idcentral’s alternate credit scoring model helps you get the credit score of the customers and increase the loan book size.  You can reduce credit defaults/ NPA with the help of the alternate credit score of your customer assessed by IDcentral based on his/her digital footprints and financial history.

Key features

We believe in the best and will not let you compromise on it either! Get a 360-degree view of who your customer is with IDcentral's identity analytics solution. We provide a detailed view of your customer preferences to help you serve them better.

Accurate attribute verification with government DB
Pocket friendly solution
Insights into customer profile
Accurate scoring for right targeting
Customized solution according to your needs

Our fraud solution for Adtech/Digital marketing industry include


Minimize card frauds

Payment fraud is one of persistent problems faced by any digital company. IDcentral’s AI-powered solutions help online retailers to reduce costly fraud-related chargebacks, while at the same time increasing successful checkout completion.


Reduce chargeback

Increase your turnover by reducing chargeback overheads and resources lost to fraudulent buyers. IDcentral becomes a trusted gatekeeper of your online store, empowering fraud managers to fight more efficiently and to protect legitimate customers.


Prevent identity fraud

During online transactions we need to be sure that the onboarding customer is who he/she claims to be. With Idcentral’s secure identity solution, onboard legitimate customers with confidence.

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