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E-commerce and Retail

Identify good transaction and provide optimum user experience to your customers with IDcentral's identity analytics solution.

E-Commerce And Retail

Eliminate the possibility of fraud and make your customer experience seamless and hassle free with IDcentral’s identity analytics solution.

The challenge faced by most of the retailers today is to deliver a great experience for good customers while keeping the cybercriminals out. IDcentral’s multiple data sources help validate the true identity without the need to collect unnecessary details which results in hassle-free digital onboarding. We also help you increase your sales conversion with decisions based on 200+ data attributes.

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E-Commerce And Retail

Solutions Across Retail Industry

Easy and secure customer onboarding
Our next-generation onboarding solution helps enterprises perform verifications and document less KYC resulting in realtime, user friendly, secure and cost-efficient onboarding.

Insights into consumer behaviour for predicting buying propensity

Increase sales conversion by getting a holistic view of the customer with +200 attributes collected across online lifecycle of the customer. This includes demographic profile, geolocation profile, social media preferences, app usage, socio-economic background and behavioral data.

Protect your business from transactional frauds

IDcentral’s solution helps e-commerce companies with CDR based address verification. IDcentral also provides e-mail / phone risk score and alternate credit score to prevent fraudulent delivery, identity fraud and other transactional frauds.

Key features

Now welcome legitimate customers with open arms. See how IDcentral can help you increase profitability and provide a seamless customer experience.

Fast and secure low touch onboarding solution
Pocket friendly solution
Several data attributes to know the customer right
Accurate buying propensity score for right targeting
Customized solution according to your needs

Our fraud solution for retail industry include


Minimize card frauds

Payment fraud is one of online retail’s persistent problems. IDcentral’s AI-powered solutions help online retailers to reduce costly fraud-related chargebacks, while at the same time increasing successful checkout completion.


Reduce chargeback

Increase your turnover by reducing chargeback overheads and resources lost to fraudulent buyers. IDcentral becomes a trusted gatekeeper of your online store, empowering fraud managers to fight more efficiently and to protect legitimate customers.


Reduce promo code abuse

Some fraudsters find loopholes and take advantage of coupons and promotional codes. IDcentral helps businesses to quickly identify fraudulent users by obtaining real-time security intelligence, data, and analytics on the phone numbers provided.

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