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Liveness detection

Liveness detection

Minimize slightest possibility of fraud with Liveness detection by IDcentral!
Liveness detection enables IDcentral to detect if a person is real — that is, it can distinguish between imagery of a live user present at the point of capture versus a fake from a spoofed artifact (e.g., a picture of a picture or a deepfake video). We are the trusted partner of national governments, law enforcement and health organizations around the world who use our fast and secure digital ID solutions to optimize workflows and processes every day.

Features of IDcentral’s Liveness Detection Solution:

IDcentral’s liveness detection is the choice of leading identity and access management vendors, onboarding and KYC providers, access control companies, IoT developers, and enterprise customers worldwide. The product is used in a range of use cases across financial, government, travel, healthcare, building management, insurance, gaming and many more.

  • Acute face mapping capabilities by IDcentral
  • Ability to detect micro-movements
  • Active / Passive modes to improve customer throughput
  • SDK based easy and user-friendly integration​
  • Highest accuracy rates in the industry (Overall Accuracy 90%+. FMR ~0.2%, FNMR <10%.)
  • Handles spoofing attacks via mobile video, paper masks, eye hole masks, latex masks

Advantages of IDcentral Liveness Detection:

Massive, broad-scale data breaches and the resulting rise of the dark web mean legacy identity verification and authentication methods have been compromised. Hence, Liveness detection is a must-have feature in your verification system.

Features of IDcentral’s Liveness detection:

  • Strengthen the security of mobile and web authentication.
  • Prevents fraudsters from knowing liveness detection is occurring
  • Ease remote customer onboarding and improve identity proofing processes
  • Reduce fraudulent accounts and account takeovers
  • Eliminate friction by working in the background with no active participation from the user
  • No need for high bandwidth internet connections and large-scale server deployments

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