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IDcentral and Liberty Assured Limited to provide unmatched digital onboarding experience to Nigeria

IDcentral and Liberty Assured Limited to provide unmatched digital onboarding experience to Nigeria

IDcentral’s expertise in digitalizing the identity and eKYC process facilitates Liberty Assured’s strength in lending management to significantly smoothen the customer’s digital journey.

Bangalore, India, 21st June 2021

IDcentral, a division of Subex and a leading provider of AI-powered end-to-end identity verification and authentication solutions, has partnered with Liberty Assured Limited to provide a simple, hassle-free, and convenient digital onboarding solution to Nigeria. Through the deployment of IDcentral’s eKYC suite, Liberty Assured Limited will be able to transform its onboarding system, thereby improving operational efficiency.

Liberty Assured Limited   is a next-generation lending platform that provides borrowers with a positive experience when obtaining personal loans with a process that is clear, fast, and fair. It also offers a well-vetted choice of investment opportunities for lenders to get favourable returns on money lent. The implementation of IDcentral’s onboarding solution would facilitate Liberty Assured Limited’s aim   to build an end-to-end digital ecosystem by facilitating a completely secured onboarding solution.

E-KYC in Africa has recently picked up momentum due to the pandemic, where businesses went digital with an internet penetration rate of 53.7%. Liberty Assured Limited along with IDcentral is committed to providing seamless transition in the adoption of digital services to Africa. Automated KYC verification is a crucial step to increase financial inclusion. Improving the payments infrastructure and verification process will develop more trust and provide a streamlined and seamless Peer-to-peer lending experience, helping grow the opportunities of the “rainbow nation.”

The OCR-based document verification and Liveness detection solution provided by IDcentral will help Liberty Assured Limited to:

  • Drastically reduce the workforce required for the conventional customer validation process and minimize manual errors.
  • Accelerate expansion and lower the cost of doing business, by eliminating the need for physical locations to avail the services.
  • Improve opportunities for customer acquisition, by ensuring customers the ease and convenience of signing up online or on mobile, anytime, anywhere.
  • Allow compliance teams to focus on more complex due diligence factors, not on manual and cumbersome data entry tasks.

“The Africa market is one which is witnessing digital transformation at an accelerated rate. Financial platforms such as Liberty Assured Limited are at the forefront of this transformation, by providing customers with access to safe and convenient means to transact. As financial inclusion continues to increase relevance in the region, it would be very important for lending platforms to ensure ‘trust’ for their customers. IDcentral’s expertise in digitalizing the identity and eKYC process will supplement Liberty Assured’s strength in lending management to significantly enhance their customer’s digital journey. IDcentral is an initiative by Subex which has established itself as the pioneers in enabling ‘Digital Trust’ for over 25 years. Adding value to customers is a founding value that IDcentral has borrowed from Subex and IDcentral will continue to strive for excellence with Liberty Assured Limited as well. We are very excited to work with Liberty Assured Limited and be part of this journey.” said Upal Pradhan, Business Head at IDcentral.

Otimeyin Igbene, Managing Director- Liberty assured limited, comments, “This association is a strategic step to our number one goal, that is to unleash the potential of our clients by offering financial solutions which are straightforward and effortless to access. We are positioned to offer a wide range of financial solutions reaching out through direct physical lending and digital solutions. IDcentral’s eKYC solution is a catalyst to our mission. The support we get from IDcentral for our eKYC needs will help us evolve into a stronger and future-ready organization. It will optimize and automate our onboarding process making liberty assured a completely digital lending organization”.

About IDcentral

IDcentral is the next-generation digital identity analytics platform, that helps businesses across various domains to increase their profitability and reduce risk. IDcentral’s wide range of solutions include:

  • Seamless and Secure Onboarding (e-KYC solutions)
  • AML/ CTF solutions and other fraud solutions
  • Risk Detection with the help of alternate credit score and other risk metrics
  • Buying propensity score to increase sale conversion.
  • Data enrichment solutions

IDcentral is one of the largest repositories of data in the world with access to 200 plus data points of 700 million individuals. IDcentral is a Subex company, who are the world leaders in digital trust with 25 years of experience. Leveraging IDcentral’s partnership with various data sources, businesses get access to consumers behavioural, socioeconomic, demographic and apo graphic trust profiles appending in-depth information to existing data allows for better business decisions.

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