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Axiata Digital: Optimizing digital experience understanding customer data

Agenda :

  • What are the various ways data is being used to optimize digital experience?
  • Which are the industries that are at the forefront of leveraging consumer data in optimizing experience in a widespread fashion.
  • Where are we in terms of data adequacy to optimize journeys of those at the bottom of the pyramid, the underserved and unbanked segment
  • What would be the impact of heightened sensitivity around data privacy on the industry and how would the industry adopt to the new normal
  • Which technologies will see mass adoption, and which industries would exponentially increase usage of consumer digital footprint to optimize experience?

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    Abdul Razzak
    Abdul Ashraff

    Regional Innovation and Data Lead, Axiata Digital

    Upal Pradhan

    AVP – Business Development, IDcentral

    About this webinar

    As consumers get deeply entrenched into their digital lifestyles, they leave myriad digital footprint as to who they are, what they value, as well as their attitudes towards brands, products and services. It is an ocean of information that enterprises can harness in order to provide seamless experience and make interesting engagements with right target customers. Optimization of customers digital experience with effective usage of data is the new battlefield in this data-driven world.

    Abdul Ashraff who is the Regional Innovation and Data Lead at Axiata digital will carve the current scenario about how Axiata digital is efficiently using the data to improve digital journey at every stage of customer lifecycle at our webinar “Axiata Digital: Optimizing digital experience understanding customer data.”. Upal Pradan who is the business head of IDcentral will be moderating the webinar.

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