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Demystifying the cryptic crypto: Compliances and Regulations

Agenda :

  • RBI plans and an upcoming Bill: Where are digital currencies headed
  • India’s Contribution to Crypto Adoption – What does 2021 look like?
  • What AML/KYC Challenges do Crypto Exchanges Face?

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    Shashi Prakash Jha
    Shashi Prakash Jha

    Head of compliance and regulation, WazirX

    Upal Pradhan

    AVP – Business Development, IDcentral

    About this webinar


    Cryptocurrency space is maturing, India’s appetite for cryptocurrency is evident, as the country facilitates the highest recipient of remittances globally — more than $83 billion since 2018 every year. With the support of cryptocurrencies, the remittance market is expected to soar in India, with cheaper, more efficient methods of sending money. Shashi Prakash Jha, Head of compliance and LegalWazirX explained the current scenario of cryptocurrency and cleared the air around uncertainty over the legal status of cryptocurrencies which is unnerving Indian investors who, according to unofficial estimates, hold around $1.5 billion (Rs 10,000 crore) in digital currencies. Market transparency and investor protection need to grow side by side with the market growth for sound industry developmentShashi also highlighted the KYC/AML related challenges associated with security of the platform and identity thefts and what should be taken care by companies.

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