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Leveraging analytics for enterprise business growth

Agenda :

  • Importance of enterprise sales to telecom business
  • Growth categories in telecom enterprise offerings
  • Place of analytics in telecom enterprise offerings
  • Focus areas of analytics suite: Telecom involvement in consumer’s life beyond call, SMS and data using analytic products
  • Role of telecom analytics to drive financial inclusion in developing economies
  • Future growth areas and how it would affect other industries and consumers
  • Present regulatory frameworks, expected changes and desired changes
  • How would telecom as a business look in 2030, what would telecom analytics look in 2030

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    Pak Garnadi

    Advisor- Solution Specialist, Telkomsel

    Upal Pradhan

    AVP – Business Development, IDcentral

    About this webinar

    On-demand webinar
    “An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage”

    -Jack Welch

    Telecom providers are the backbone of today’s all-pervasive digital ecosystem. They are integrally involved in bringing multiple other services like streaming, wallet, lending etc beyond just being a data and talk time provider. Most of our routine activities, from making a call to ordering food online, involves using telecom infrastructure. Therefore, telecom operators are uniquely positioned to enhance customer’s digital journey and making it more secure.

    Garnadi, advisor solution specialist at Telkomsel, would shed light on the various ways Telecom operators are leveraging the the power of data and machine learning to solve business problems across various verticals in enterprises cutting across domains and at the same time improving consumers’ lives. Garnadi leads the Analytics pillar in Telkomsel Enterprise (B2B). Upal Pradhan, business head of IDcentral, will be moderating the webinar.

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