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The key ingredient to Domino’s success: Data

Agenda :

  • A business overview of Dominos during Covid-19.
  • Role of data and analytics in Dominos business – various categories -online, offline, delivery various verticals – marketing, acquisition, registration, engagement.
  • How Domino’s uses data to improve consumer experience.
  • What are the gaps in present data and analytics ecosystem and identity related challenges that Domino’s face.
  • Future of data analytics in retail and food delivery

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    Mayank SIngh
    Mayank Singh

    Leading marketing, technology and digital business, Domino’s Indonesia

    Upal Pradhan

    AVP – Business Development, IDcentral

    About this webinar

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    Data analytics has a major role to play in the decision-making process of every industry, and retail and food delivery industry is no exception. Data analytics is fostering growth and creating big gains in the rapidly expanding food chains, and Domino’s was one of the first food delivery companies to leverage this. From pioneering new ordering channels to investing in advanced customer analytics, Dominos has consistently moved to keep up with the latest trends in technology – and it’s clear the company will continue to prioritize data and analytics.

    Learn how domino’s is improving their customer engagement, developing high demand products, and gaining competitive advantage with the help of data analytics at our webinar “The key ingredient to domino’s success: Data”. Mayank Singh who is leading marketing, technology and digital business, Indonesia would be sharing domino’s secret sauce to success and Upal Pradan, Business head, IDcentral would be moderating the session.

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