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REMOTE ONBOARDING: A Game-changer for Banks

Why is digital customer onboarding indispensable for online banking??
India has witnessed tremendous digitization and digital disruptions over the last few years. It has transformed business communication, service delivery, and elevated customer experience. With the rapid penetration of smartphones and affordable data, digitization is propelling financial inclusion across India. While the shift to digital banking has been underway for a while now, the pandemic-induced restrictions have fast-tracked adoption over the last two years. Read the Whitepaper to understand the latest trends and technology involved in Remote Customer Onboarding in the Digital Banking Sector:
  • Customer Trends in Opening New Bank Accounts
  • In-Branch vs Online Onboarding Trends in the Financial Sector
  • Remote Onboarding Trends across PAN India
  • Digital Onboarding Best Practices in Banking
  • Types of Fraud mitigated with Digital Onboarding
  • The New Secure Digital Onboarding Technology

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