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Substantiating Digital Trust With Idcentral

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The telecommunications industry is exposed to a high risk of fraud and is also subject to special regulatory requirements. One of the most common threats that the telecommunication industry has been facing is identity fraud representing 35% of all frauds in telecommunication. This can represent up to 10% of an MNO’s bottom line. Now ensure “Fully-digital experience” by fluidifying your customer’s onboarding journey with IDcentral’s onboarding solution suite-providing leading Al expertise in identity space. IDcentral’s solution helps with:
  • Seamless and hassle-free digital experience
  • Helps you reduce onboarding cost 3X times
  • Minimize the occurrence of identity frauds
  • Drastically reduce the dropout rates
  • Leverage the power of AI / ML to speed up onboarding by 10X times

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