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Eliminate the possibility of fraud and make your customer experience seamless and hassle-free with IDcentral’s identity analytics solution.

The challenge faced by most companies today is to deliver a great experience for good customers while keeping the cybercriminals out. IDcentral’s multiple data sources help validate the true identity without the need to collect unnecessary details which results in hassle-free digital onboarding. We also help you increase your sales conversion with decisions based on 200+ data attributes.

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IDcentral is the next-generation digital identity platform, that helps businesses across various domains to increase their profitability and reduce risk. IDcentral’s wide range of solutions include:

Seamless and Secure Onboarding

Risk Detection with the help of alternate credit score and other risk metrics

Buying propensity score to increase sale conversion

Data enrichment solutions

IDcentral is a division of Subex Digital LLP, a wholly owned subsidiary of Subex Limited. IDcentral forays Subex’s vision to expand Digital Trust business beyond its core area of interest ‘Telecom’. We enable effective use of alternate sources of data to enable customer onboarding, verification and deliver identity analytics. Leveraging our relationships with carriers across the globe that spans over two decades, we are one of the largest repositories of data in the world.

Our Vision:

Build universal, consent based, decentralized data marketplace to power an inclusive and secure digital world.

Shankar Roddam

Shankar Roddam

Chief Operating Officer

Leader’s Note:

Everything around us is now digital, whether it be societies, enterprises or individuals. As the digital disruption continues to grow exponentially, the need to understand and harness the power of digital identity is of utmost importance. This is critical for seamless interactions between businesses and their customers. IDcentral uses the power of data coupled with advanced analytics to help business make better and timely decisions, by providing the ability to link any digital transaction to the entity behind it.

IDcentral is an inspiration from its parent company Subex, which has established itself as the pioneers in enabling Digital Trust for over 25 years. Adding value to customers is a founding value that IDcentral has borrowed from Subex. At IDcentral we are dedicated in our mission to help enterprises scale new heights rapidly by enabling them to understand end consumers better and predict risk faster.

-Shankar Roddam

(COO, Subex)

Leader’s Note:

With easy access to phones and the internet, an increase in engagement with digital activities such as opening a bank account online, booking a cab, paying bills, ordering food, or taking a loan has been observed. As a result of this, we are leaving digital footprints with every action online. We generate approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day.

However, this hyper exponential growth in online activity is often hindered between two entities interacting digitally by mutual trust deficit between enterprises and customers. This leads to a bad user experience, the digital exclusion for the underserved masses on one hand, and various kinds of fraud on the other. Despite having a good digital presence, the majority of people in developing countries are unable to access various financial and digital services due to the inaccessibility of data with ease and transparency. For instance, telecom data is one of the biggest examples of unutilized data reserve. If utilized optimally, it can easily solve problems like trust deficit and financial inclusion, because of its high coverage and richness.

IDcentral is an initiative from Subex to combine the power of advanced analytics with data accessed from various sources with customer’s consent to drive digital inclusion, financial inclusion, and tackle identity fraud. Advanced analytics, data partnerships, customer consent, and transparency form the foundation of IDcentral.

-Upal Pradhan

(Business Head, IDcentral)

Upal Pradhan

Business Head

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