Secure the ecosystem from telecom fraud through integrated and next-gen identity verification solutions.


Enable end-to-end subscriber identity verification

IDcentral’s eKYC encourages faster subscription origination that abides by regulatory requirements. It combats SIM swap fraud, reduces operational costs, and supports biometric authentication for faster remote verification.

The IDCentral Edge

Swift and secure onboarding

Avoid fraud by verifying the real identity of your subscribers. IDcentral’s seamless onboarding solution enhances the customer experience and prevents telecom scams.

  • Faster onboarding at a reduced cost
  • Better customer experience
  • Scales brand reputation

The IDcentral Edge

Protects against SIM swap fraud

 IDcentral’s AI-based solutions help telecom operators authenticate the identity their subscribers and flag malicious or suspicious activities. The solution aligns with all the regulatory compliances for eKYC and AML screening and offers biometric verification to verify the actual owner of the telecom subscription.

  • Verifies critical information of the subscribers
  • Prevent SIM-swap fraud
  • Meets all regulatory compliances

Onboarding solutions for financial services companies


Simplify onboarding of new subscribers

Our system enables customers to onboard from anywhere at anytime with instant KYC verification, hence enhancing customer onboarding rates.


Protect customer identity

Our verification solutions protect your customers from SIM swap fraud by instantly identifying the scammers and averting malicious activity.


Adhere to regulatory norms

Our eKYC and AML solutions are aligned with the telecom regulatory standards thereby avoiding fines or reputational damages.

AI-powered solutions

Our solutions helps in modernizing your onboarding flow by leveraging AI-powered KYC products to cater to different customer needs.

Secure checkout

Our solutions help prevent money laundering transactions from penetrating your network by verifying & monitoring users real-time.

Protect customer logins

Ensure that the person logging in to an online account is the actual account owner through IDCental's biometric solution.