Sharing Economy

Enhance your asset monetization by catering to genuine users.

Shared Economy

Build a trusted community in the sharing economy

Creating competencies in the sharing economy depends on a culture of trust and security between vendors and customers. IDcentral’s intelligent KYC and AML solutions help vendors ensure that their customers are authentic and allow them to deny services to fraudsters.

The IDcentral Edge

Reduces abandonment rates

Ensure customer satisfaction with our solutions powered by AI and data science. Quick, secure, and accurate verification ensures minimum abandonment before completing the transaction.

  • Ensures that the services are provided by the actual vendors
  • Verifies government ID documents to verify authentic customers
  • Fetches data directly from DigiLocker
  • Generates instant alerts on suspicious IDs
Reduces abandonment rates
safety in the sharing

The IDcentral Edge

Elevates trust and safety in the sharing economy

Safeguard customer information and avoid data breaches. IDcentral offers many AI-powered eKYC solutions that fulfill various regulatory requirements.

  • Enables instant extraction of crucial information from documents
  • Identifies fraudsters even with changed facial features
  • Biometric to validate the identity of vendors as well as customers

Onboarding solutions for Sharing Economy


Ride sharing

IDcentral's liveness detection ensures that the driver is approved for the ride and deters impostors real-time checks..


Apartment sharing or rental

Build mutual trust through eKYC and ensure that the person asking for rent is a genuine user.


Reselling goods

IDcentral helps secure customer trust by following robust eKYC protocols thereby fostering a healthy community of users & vendors.


Peer-to-peer lending

Mitigate money laundering and fraud activities by verifying the identities of the lenders and borrowers through eKYC and AML screening.


Freelancer screening

IDcentral helps authenticate the real identity of freelancers through various modes of identity verification to preventing any malicious activity.