Government Database Check

Quickly verify legitimate documents against government databases

government db

Leverage government records for faster KYC

IDcentral Government Database Check uses AI techniques like optical character recognition (OCR) and APIs to cross-verify authenticity with details stored in millions of government databases. It validates identities within secures, greatly accelerating approvals or rejection of requests. 

How it works

Product Features

Automated document verification

Verify documents instantly and automatically through IDcentral APIs to ensure the legitimacy of the submitted documents.

Product Features

Protect your business from identity fraud

Eliminate risk and fraud losses from identity fraud with IDcentral government database check.

Product Features

Augment data for decision-making

Apart from cross-checking data provided by the customer, IDcentral API scans unstructured data from online sources for additional information to confirm the document’s authenticity.



Safeguards your business interests from fake, fraudulent, or duplicate accounts

Improve productivity as the solution operates with minimal user intervention


Faster verification enhances the user experience