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Verify Aadhaar Card with IDcentral’s
Aadhaar Verification API 


Fail-Proof your Aadhaar Verification Process

IDcentral takes aadhaar number as an input to cross verify the details against government databases with high precision. With over 96% success rate, it’s the industry’s most reliable aadhaar verification API solution.

How Aadhaar Verification API works

Product Features

Power Aadhaar Onboarding & Verification

With IDcentral’s Proprietary recommendation engine, you can:

  • Intelligently ping multiple servers for response time to reliably choose the most reliable one to fetch and verify the aadhaar data quickly
  • Use Aadhaar verification APIs to retrieve and verify a customer’s Aadhaar information in real-time
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with over 96% success rate

Product Features

Integrate Aadhaar Verification API 

More than 33% of aadhaar verification failures are due to UIDAI server problems. With IDcentral’s fail-safe Aadhaar verification, you are ensured of:

  • Reliable OTP-XML onboarding flows that enable aadhaar checks around the clock
  • Safe and encrypted transfer of aadhaar information from the cloud

Product Features

Aadhaar Verification API Working

IDcentral’s single-step aadhaar verification process reduces customer churn and increases the speed of onboarding by:

  • Requiring customers to only enter the aadhaar number
  • Autonomously verifying the details in the background within second

Product Features

Secure against Identity Fraud

50% of all document fraud cases involve fake identities & 30% entail identity theft. With IDcentral aadhaar verification, enterprises can:

  • Validate user’s aadhaar card number with government data
  • Validating aadhaar card helps increase accuracy and reduce Identity fraud

Product Features

Setup Aadhaar Verification in Seconds!

An API-based solution that enables easy integration of the verification solution into an existing onboarding flow, here’s how:

  • The use of RESTful APIs enhances the ease of integration into apps and websites
  • Cloud based verification process that uses flexible OTP-XML flow that operates nonstop

Product Features

Aadhaar eKYC & OKYC 

Adding a composite eKYC module enables KYC with the Aadhaar card. This uses Liveness Detection for remote Identity Verification:

  • KYC Verification for client onboarding using Aadhaar Card for signup
  • Provides a complete KYC compliance with a solid Identity Verification solution
  • Simplified and Streamlined eKYC process that is completed in under 10 seconds

Automate Aadhaar Verification with API integration

Aadhaar Plus Capabilities


Fail-Proof Aadhaar Card Verification API

Industry-established fail-proof Aadhaar verification system to establish trust between service providers and customers


Customer-centric Identity Proofing solution

Accelerate the Aadhaar verification process with IDcentral’s customer-centric solution to enhance customer onboarding


Enhanced Fraud Detection using AI

Mitigate fraud instances through robust security protocols to streamline the onboarding flow with minimum intervention


Untethered Verification Protocols

Scale your onboarding numbers with consistent & uninterrupted verifications that work for both real-time & existing customers


Adaptable & Quick eKYC Verification

A customer-centric Aadhaar check process ensures it’s easy to use & can comfortably be completed within a few seconds


Integrated Biometric Verification capabilities

IDcentral’s modular approach ensures integration of composite APIs to add features into your ID check workflow

Aadhaar Card Verification Use cases


Aadhaar Verification for Financial Services

Aadhaar verification API can be used to facilitate remote account opening. With aadhaar eKYC, fraud prevention and streamlined remote bank account opening process is much more optimised, making it more convenient and frictionless for customers.


Aadhaar Verification for Insurance Services

Verify a policyholder's identity during the claims or onboarding process. With eKYC, the API can quickly and securely verify the policyholder's Aadhaar details, reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring that the claims process is accurate.


Aadhaar Verification for Telecom Services

Use Aadhaar Verification for identity verification and KYC Onboarding by providing using Aadhaar number and biometric information. This can help prevent fraudulent SIM registrations and Telecom fraud, and helps streamline the onboarding process.


Aadhaar Verification for Online Services

Many online service providers, such as e-commerce websites, social media platforms, and online gaming companies, require users to verify their identity to access certain features. Aadhaar verification API can be integrated into these systems to authenticate a user's identity. This can help prevent fraud, and protect sensitive information.


Aadhaar Verification for Physical Access Control

Physical access control systems, such as those used in office buildings and manufacturing facilities, can use the Aadhaar verification API to verify an individual's identity. The API can be used in conjunction with biometric authentication technologies, such as Face Match, to ensure that only authorized personnel are granted access.


Aadhaar Verification for Age-Restricted Services

Certain services, such as online gambling or alcohol sales, are restricted to individuals over a certain age. The Aadhaar verification API can be used to verify a user's age by checking their date of birth. This can help prevent minors from accessing these services and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

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