Know your X-factor (KYX) Solution

De-risk the entire customer onboarding with an enterprise-grade platform offering

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The Most Powerful KYC Solution in the Industry

IDcentral’s KYX Solution leverages AI and data science to help enterprises build the most trusted online ecosystem. It delivers seamless and highly satisfying user experiences while ensuring KYC/AML compliances. This solution encompasses all our products, delivering a best-in-class onboarding platform that is future-proof, scalable, and ready-to-deploy for instant value realization.



Immediate identity verification

Match customer identities with government databases within seconds. Integrates with Digilocker and supports any format to streamline verification, making it faster, accurate, and effective.


Paperless document Verification

Eliminate manual document submissions and avoid instances of forgery. Matches Aadhaar cards, PAN cards, and other government-issued documents with those submitted by the customer within seconds.


Accurate biometric authentication

Bundles IDCentral’s Liveness Detection, Face Match, and Face ID products. Adds an extra layer of security against scams and fake identities through complete biometric authentication of vendors and customers.


AML screening & monitoring

Screen customers against 1,000+ global watchlists including PEP, sanctions, and AML lists, and get real-time notifications on any past incidents of financial crime.


Financial transaction monitoring

Follows customer transactions on your platform through an advance rule engine that also raises alerts in case of any violation.


Case review & reporting

Automatically scans customer accounts, data, and KYC forms and reports any suspicious activity so that the user data can be scrutinized further.

Proven outcomes of IDCentral’s KYX Solution

  • Equips you with cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of the competition
  • Enables remote onboarding and paperless verifications for a delightful customer experience
  • Highly customizable KYC services to suit your business needs, regulations, and risk appetites
  • Offers the most precise KYX with stringent data protection
Proven outcomes of IDCentrals AML Screening Solution