KYC API: Swift & Secure KYC Verification

Know Your X-factor with IDcentral’s self-scaling KYX Solution that uses AI-enabled KYC API for verification

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Biometric KYC Verification: The Gold Standard in Identity Verification

IDcentral’s KYC API is highly customizable and ideal for most industries, with top-tier AML and KYC compliance, comprehensive fraud prevention measures, and seamless integration, enabling businesses to verify identities with ease and efficiency.

Secure Your Business with
AI-Powered Fraud Detection

IDcentral’s KYC API offers a cutting-edge solution to safeguard your business against fraudulent activities. With the power of AI, IDcentral’s system provides a seamless, quick, and accurate KYC process. Our Indian government ID verification and face match technology ensures reliable authentication of your customers.

Proven outcomes

Effortlessly Verify Customer Identities with KYC API

IDcentral’s KYC API simplifies the customer onboarding process by automating the verification process. Our fraud prevention technology flags any suspicious activities, ensuring a secure and compliant process. With IDcentral’s advanced biometric authentication, document verification, and AI technology, you can trust our solution to handle all your KYC needs.

Experience a Seamless KYC Verification Process with IDcentral’s KYC API

IDcentral’s KYX API offers an unparalleled user experience with its intuitive interface and quick verification process. Our AI-powered system uses advanced biometric authentication, document verification, and fraud prevention technology to ensure a seamless and secure process. IDcentral’s solution is API-based, making integration with your existing system effortless.

The Most Powerful KYC API in the Industry

IDcentral’s KYX Solution is a game-changing tool for enterprises seeking to establish a trusted online ecosystem. By leveraging cutting-edge AI and data science, our KYC API delivers seamless user experiences while ensuring compliance with KYC/AML regulations. 

Experience the power of IDcentral’s KYX Solution today and revolutionize your onboarding process with confidence.



AI-Powered KYC Verification

Our KYC API uses advanced AI technology to ensure quick and accurate identity verification, minimizing manual labour and errors while customer onboarding


KYC Screening: Fraud Prevention

Our KYC API is equipped with sophisticated fraud prevention technology to detect and prevent fraudulent activities during the verification process.


KYC ID Verification

Our KYC API includes Indian government ID verification, ensuring reliable authentication of your customers using Aadhaar card, PAN, Voter ID and Passport


Seamless KYC Onboarding

Our KYC API offers a seamless onboarding experience, with an intuitive interface and quick verification process for a highly satisfying user experience.


KYC Check: Document Verification

Our KYC API uses advanced document verification technology to ensure authenticity of the document with accuracy.


Real-time KYC using Face Biometric

Our KYC API uses face match technology for reliable biometric authentication, adding an extra layer of security to the verification process.

Ensured Benefits from IDcentral’s KYC API solution

IDcentral stands out from its competitors in the KYC market by leveraging AI and ML technology to offer a 99% accuracy rate, while also providing personalized support for a seamless integration experience. 

Our comprehensive fraud prevention measures and ability to verify identities in just seconds ensure top-tier compliance and frictionless user onboarding for businesses.

  • Leading KYC Technology: IDcentral’s KYC solution is industry-leading, offering top-tier compliance through advanced technology and expert validation, providing peace of mind for businesses and customers alike.
  • Advanced AI-Powered KYC Verification: IDcentral’s KYC verification process utilizes advanced AI technology, providing unmatched accuracy and speed, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and mitigating risk.
  • Comprehensive Fraud Prevention: IDcentral’s KYC checks offer comprehensive fraud prevention measures, utilizing advanced security features such as biometric authentication and document validation, protecting businesses and customers from potential risks.
  • Seamless Customer Onboarding: IDcentral’s KYC solution offers a seamless customer onboarding process, reducing manual efforts and streamlining verification, allowing businesses to onboard customers with ease.
  • Enhanced Reputation: IDcentral’s KYC solution ensures comprehensive compliance with regulatory requirements, enhancing business reputation and building trust among customers and stakeholders.
  • Personalised KYC Checks: IDcentral’s KYC solution is highly customizable, allowing businesses to tailor compliance needs according to specific regulatory requirements and customer types, providing flexibility and adaptability.
  • Fool-proof Identity Verification: IDcentral’s KYC solution provides trustworthy identity verification, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and expert validation, ensuring compliance and mitigating risk.
  • Rapid KYC Checks for Customer Onboarding: IDcentral’s KYC checks provide rapid customer onboarding, using advanced algorithms and machine learning for quick and accurate verification that lasts only a few seconds.
  • Dynamic KYC checks: IDcentral’s KYC solution is dynamic and adaptable, evolving with the regulatory landscape to ensure continued compliance and mitigate potential risks using global blacklist databases.
  • Hassle-free Integration: Based on the Rest API platform, IDcentral’s KYC API can be quickly integrated into an existing onboarding or verification workflow with ease.

KYC API Industry Use Cases

IDcentral’s Digital onboarding workflow is specifically designed for Neobanks, Payment and Lending platforms, Digital Insurance vendors, and Crypto and currency exchanges that need a quick and precise verification process to ensure frictionless onboarding.

Prioritize streamlined customer onboarding with advanced AI-enabled solutions to reduce customer drop-offs as per your industry


KYC for Banking/Finance

Our KYC API solution is tailored for the banking and finance industry, providing reliable identity verification to ensure compliance with regulations and reduce onboarding costs.


KYC for Digital Platforms

Our KYC API streamlines the onboarding process for e-commerce platforms, with quick and accurate identity verification for enhanced customer experiences.


KYC for Healthcare

Our KYC API offers reliable identity verification for the healthcare industry, providing regulatory compliance and safeguarding sensitive patient information.


KYC for Crypto

Our KYC API provides secure identity verification for the cryptocurrency industry, preventing fraud and ensuring compliance with anti-money laundering regulations.


KYC for Hospitality

Our KYC API offers fast and reliable remote identity verification for the travel and hospitality industry, preventing fraudulent signups in sharing economy platforms.


KYC for Insurance

Our KYC API provides comprehensive eKYC for the insurance industry, ensuring compliance with regulations and screening users for fraud and global watchlists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Onboarding is the process of acquiring new customers, ensuring that they access all the services and products contracted in a simple and fast way, integrating into the company’s customer base. Digital onboarding often known as online or remote onboarding is a completely digitized process. Here customers do not need to go to an office or store if they do not want to, being able to become a customer remotely with the same security and guarantee. We have seen surge in acceptance of digital systems especially after 2020. So it in now more important than ever to adopt digital onboarding system. It helps in:

  • Exponentially increasing the conversion rates by expanding the reach and providing multiple touch point method.
  • Making a tedious and complex process of onboarding, Quick!
  • Real time verification

Yes, IDcentral provides Active/ Passive liveness detection solution with OCR capabilities.

With IDcentrals digital onboarding system, all one needs to do is take a selfie. Then the process of authentication would involve two steps.

  • The liveness detection functionality by IDcentral detects a spoof attempt by determining whether the source of a biometric sample is a live human being or a fake representation. This is accomplished through algorithms, that analyze data collected from cameras to determine if the source is live.
  • Our OCR process then compares the selfie to the picture in the government ID database.


Alternative credit scoring refers to the use of data from digital platforms and applications on consumer behaviour for credit risk assessment. In the past, credit bureaus were the sole source of consumer credit information, which lending institutions use to reduce bad debt and market risk. Alternative credit scoring demonstrates the potential strength of combining data from multiple sources, like airtime usage, mobile money usage, geolocation, bills payment history, and social media usage.

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