Face Trace

Secure your ecosystem from blocked users and duplicate accounts

face trace

Cross-verify authentic customer requests with Face ID Mapping

IDcentral’s Face ID Mapping offers a transparent way for organizations to reduce the effort spent on trimming duplicate accounts and handling repeat requests from blocked users. Driven by AI, this offering helps businesses create personalized catalogs of their customers and automatically compares incoming requests to the catalog to determine whether the customer is a defaulter or a duplicate account. 

How it works

Product Features

Builds a fraud-free and trust-based ecosystem

  • Secure and transparent onboarding for your users
  • Save your organizations from fraud losses
  • Side steps any reputational losses for your business
trust-based ecosystem
eKYC compliance

Product Features

Cements adherence to eKYC compliances

  • Face ID ensures that onboarded customers meet the requisite KYC protocols in your region

Product Features

Cutting-edge technology for efficient and faster verifications

  • Saves effort & time spent on comparing information
  • Provides real-time alerts on results of Face ID 
  • Automated and instant approvals genuine customers
faster verifications



Improves operational efficiency by removing mundane work of verifying authentic customers


Enhances customer experience through a faster biometric to verifying identity.


Plug revenue losses arising from scamsters operating within your ecosystem