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The Complete Identity Verification Solution

IDcentral’s 5-second identity verification process enfolds both enhanced customer experience & reliable fraud prevention using AI. The integrated ID Verification solution allows for automated ID authentication against tampering, and our Face Verification technology prevents spoofing-attacks and identity fraud in real-time.


Verify Identity with Access to 120+ Government IDs and APIs

Government ID verification APIs provide several benefits such as automating the verification process, increasing security, reducing fraud and errors, and providing access to a larger pool of verified identities. It also helps comply with regulatory compliance requirements such as KYC and AML, by using Aadhaar and PAN IDs.

Face Matching

Rapid Face-to-ID Verification with IDcentral’s Face Match Technology

IDcentral’s Face match solution uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms to compare a live capture or digital image of a person’s face to a reference image, typically a government-issued ID, to verify their identity. The solution compares various facial features such as the distance between the eyes, nose, and mouth to determine if it’s a match.

Meet Compliance Requirements with Identity Verification

Identity verification helps comply with regulations by ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information and by providing a clear audit trail of who has accessed that information. This can help organizations meet compliance requirements related to data privacy and security during Customer Onboarding.

Supercharge Digital Compliance & Fraud Mitigation!

Identity verification is a crucial aspect of ensuring the security and integrity of financial transactions. At IDcentral, we understand the importance of identity verification and have implemented a robust solution to verify the identity users.



Live identity verification

Match customer identities with government databases within seconds. Integrates with Digilocker to streamline verification, making it faster, accurate, and effective.


Paperless document verification

Eliminate manual document submissions and avoid instances of forgery. Match government data with those submitted by the customer within seconds


Accurate biometric authentication

Integrating IDcentral’s Liveness Detection and Face Match Technology adds an extra layer of security against scams and fake identities.


AI-driven data extraction

Our APIs automatically extract crucial customer information through any channel like eKYC and video KYC, enabling instant and smart verification.


Indian Government ID Verification

Employ our in-house PAN, Aadhaar, Passport, and Driver’s License Verification APIs to verify users automatically and remotely with customer data verification against government databases.


Instant notifications

Get timely alerts on suspicious or forged documents and automatically deny fraudulent attempts to enter your systems.

Automated ID Verification & Highly Accurate AI-Enabled Seamless Onboarding

At IDcentral, we are committed to providing our customers with a secure and efficient banking experience. Our identity verification solution is designed to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of customer’s identity and comply with all regulations

Less customer drop-offs with Enhanced user onboarding
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Future-proofed & scalable digital verifications
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Reduction in cost of verification through a one-stop 360° solution
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Digital ID Verification : Industry Use Cases

Identity verification API is used in across many industries for compliance and fraud prevention.
Explore break-through features of IDcentral’s Identity Verification API for your specific industry’s needs and regulations.


Financial Services

Banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions use identity verification APIs to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) regulations. These APIs are used to verify the identity of customers when they open new accounts or make financial transactions.



Online retailers and marketplaces use identity verification APIs to confirm the identity of customers when they make purchases or open accounts. This helps prevent fraud and protect the retailer and its customers from financial losses.



Hospitals and healthcare providers use identity verification APIs to confirm the identity of patients when they access medical services. This helps protect patient privacy and ensures that medical records are kept accurate and confidential.


Government Services

Government agencies use identity verification APIs to confirm the identity of individuals when they access government services such as applying for a passport or filing taxes.



Insurance companies use identity verification APIs to confirm the identity of customers when they apply for coverage or file claims. This helps prevent fraud and ensures that customers are accurately identified.



Online gaming platforms use identity verification APIs to confirm the identity of players when they create accounts or make in-game purchases. This helps prevent fraud and ensures that players are of legal age to play the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Onboarding is the process of acquiring new customers, ensuring that they access all the services and products contracted in a simple and fast way, integrating into the company’s customer base. Digital onboarding often known as online or remote onboarding is a completely digitized process. Here customers do not need to go to an office or store if they do not want to, being able to become a customer remotely with the same security and guarantee. We have seen surge in acceptance of digital systems especially after 2020. So it in now more important than ever to adopt digital onboarding system. It helps in:

  • Exponentially increasing the conversion rates by expanding the reach and providing multiple touch point method.
  • Making a tedious and complex process of onboarding, Quick!
  • Real time verification

Yes, IDcentral provides Active/ Passive liveness detection solution with OCR capabilities.

With IDcentrals digital onboarding system, all one needs to do is take a selfie. Then the process of authentication would involve two steps.

  • The liveness detection functionality by IDcentral detects a spoof attempt by determining whether the source of a biometric sample is a live human being or a fake representation. This is accomplished through algorithms, that analyze data collected from cameras to determine if the source is live.
  • Our OCR process then compares the selfie to the picture in the government ID database.


Alternative credit scoring refers to the use of data from digital platforms and applications on consumer behaviour for credit risk assessment. In the past, credit bureaus were the sole source of consumer credit information, which lending institutions use to reduce bad debt and market risk. Alternative credit scoring demonstrates the potential strength of combining data from multiple sources, like airtime usage, mobile money usage, geolocation, bills payment history, and social media usage.

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