Document Verification

Eliminate data entry and automate verification for instant approvals

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Extract customer data and verify
documents within seconds

IDcentral helps you automate information extraction from customer documents or pictures of documents so you can quickly verify these on the go. The product is designed to extract, classify, and validate documents against government databases with high precision, and this data is fed into onboarding applications. It also recognizes low-quality images, rotated images, and any format, and delivers high accuracy without errors.

How it works

Product Features

Digital onboarding with eKYC

More than 33% of onboarding abandonment is due to slow onboarding. With IDcentral’s document verification, you can:

  • Automate end-to-end customer onboarding
  • Enable self-serve verification processes 
  • Enhance customer satisfaction 
  • Secures your onboarding from identity theft
Digital Onboarding
One-click verifications

Product Features

One-click verifications

40% of the users abandon the onboarding process due to complex ID verification processes. IDcentral enables instant onboarding through:

  • Online document verification technology for instant verification
  • Allows customers to submit pictures of documents
  • Intelligent extraction of relevant details without manual intervention

Product Features

Secure against identity fraud

50% of all document fraud cases involve fake identities & 30% entail identity theft. With IDcentral document verification, enterprises can:

  • Match user documents with government data
  • Capture related customer information from authorized sources
  • Augment customer data from other sources to increase accuracy
ID Verification



Establish trust between service providers and customers


Accelerate your user onboarding to enhance customer conversion


Mitigate fraud instances through robust security protocols

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