AML Screening & Monitoring Solution

Ensure end-to-end compliance with real-time AML screening & ongoing transaction monitoring

aml screening

Fully Automated AML KYC Checks

Integrate automated AML screening into your Identity Verification procedure or KYC Verification process to receive instant alerts whenever an anti-money laundering or terrorist financing risk database hit occurs.

Ensure 99% accuracy in compliance breach findings thanks to intelligently integrated KYC Checks.
IDcentral’s AI enhances the complete AML/CFT screening process with more accurate and quicker processes through Face Match and OCR technology.

Real-Time Adverse Media Screening

Completing the loop of AML compliance checks with an adverse media scan may save tremendous amounts of time and decrease friction in the compliance officer’s work.

  • Identify who is who by filtering only unfavourable news stories.
  • Reduce the number of false positives by crawling the internet in seconds.
  • Integrate PEP and sanction screening with routinely updated negative media findings.
Face Matching

Customizable risk assessment parameters to tailor the solution to your specific needs

Tailor your risk assessments to your business needs, allowing you to focus your resources on the highest-risk areas. Customize scans to pull data from specified nations to add to unique Sanction lists and PEP databases to enhance accuracy by including more data.

  • Customizable risk assessment parameters is a risk management tool that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses.
  • The tool offers customization options that enable users to adjust and customize risk profiles and analyses.
  • IDcentral’s customization feature helps you mitigate risks and protect your assets effectively by using user-targeted procedures.
  • Our customizable risk assessment parameters have a user-friendly platform designed to streamline the risk assessment process, saving you time and resources.
  • With our AML Screening solution, you can efficiently manage risks and safeguard your future by minimizing potential threats to their operations.

Stay Ahead of AML/KYC Risks with IDcentral’s complete compliance screening suite

IDcentral’s AML screening and transaction monitoring product empowers businesses to stay ahead of compliance risks by providing advanced risk assessment and monitoring tools for ongoing monitoring and KYC/AML screening. 

With AI-powered real-time transaction monitoring and risk scoring, you can quickly identify and mitigate potential compliance/sanction risks.

Automate your AML/KYC compliance process using our highest accuracy screening, automated risk assessment, and customizable risk profiles that scans across global watchlists.


The Most Reliable AML Screening Solution in the Industry

IDcentral’s AML screening solution equips business with features like automated risk assessment, high accuracy screening, and real-time monitoring, to ensure compliance and identification of potential risks.

Try our KYC-AML Compliance Suite for an end-to-end compliance solution. 



Comprehensive Watchlist Coverage

Our AML screening product includes a vast range of watchlists, including government, regulatory, and law enforcement sources. With this coverage, our clients can rest assured that they are complying with all AML regulations and reducing the risk of fines or legal action.


Customizable Risk Profiles

Each business has different risk profiles, which means that AML screening solutions need to be tailored to their specific needs. Our product allows clients to customize their risk profiles and adjust risk thresholds to suit their business requirements.


Real-Time Monitoring

Our AML screening product is designed to monitor transactions in real-time, allowing for immediate identification of any suspicious activity. This feature is critical for preventing financial crimes and ensuring that AML compliance measures are effective.


Intuitive User Interface

Our AML screening product is user-friendly, making it easy for clients to navigate and access critical information quickly. This feature ensures that clients can access and review transaction data with ease, reducing the time required for compliance tasks.


Integration with Third-Party tools

Our AML screening product integrates seamlessly with third-party solutions and onboarding workflows, allowing for a comprehensive AML compliance program. This feature ensures that our clients have access to all the tools they need to prevent financial crimes and comply with regulations.


Integration with Existing Systems

Our AML screening product can be seamlessly integrated with clients' existing systems, including transaction monitoring, customer relationship management, and other compliance tools. This feature reduces the need for additional data entry and streamlines the compliance process.

Ensured Benefits from IDcentral’s AML Screening and Transaction Monitoring Solution

IDCentral’s AML screening solution offers numerous benefits, including real-time transaction monitoring, advanced analytics, and customizable risk scoring for 80% more precise hits against global sanction lists.
By automating compliance processes, you can save time and resources while mitigating potential AML risks, ensuring regulatory compliance, and protecting your reputation.

  • Automated Risk Assessment: Our AML screening product features automated risk assessment, which analyzes customer data and transaction history to identify potential AML risks. This feature saves time and reduces the risk of human error in the compliance process.
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting: Our AML screening product includes a feature that enables clients to report suspicious activity to regulatory authorities. This feature is critical for maintaining compliance and demonstrating due diligence to regulators.
  • Alerts and Notifications: Our AML screening product sends alerts and notifications in real-time when a potential AML/CTF risk is detected. This feature ensures that clients are immediately informed of any suspicious activity and can take prompt action.
  • Compliance Audit Trail: Our AML screening product maintains a compliance audit trail, which tracks all AML compliance activities and provides an auditable record. This feature helps clients demonstrate due diligence to regulators and auditors.
  • Cloud-Based Solution: Our AML screening product is cloud-based, which means that clients can access it from anywhere, at any time. This feature provides flexibility and convenience, enabling clients to monitor compliance activities remotely.
  • Continuous Updates: Our AML screening product includes continuous updates of AML/CTF watchlists, regulatory requirements, and best practices. This feature ensures that clients stay up-to-date with the latest AML compliance requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

AML Screening and Transaction Monitoring Industry Use Cases

IDcentral’s AML screening solution is an essential tool for businesses across various industries to mitigate potential AML risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and protect their reputation.

With features such as real-time monitoring, advanced analytics, KYC checks, sanction screening and adverse media screening provides an added layer of protection against money laundering and reputational risks


AML Finance

IDcentral's AML screening solution offers advanced analytics and risk scoring tools, allowing banks to quickly identify high-risk customers and transactions. The software also provides real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities, ensuring regulatory compliance.


AML Crypto exchange

IDcentral's AML screening solution allows cryptocurrency exchanges to track the movement of cryptocurrency from one wallet to another, detect suspicious transactions, and flag high-risk customers. Achieve KYC-AML compliance with AML screening for Crypto.


AML Online marketplaces

IDcentral's AML screening solution offers identity verification tools, allowing online marketplaces to verify the identity of sellers and buyers, monitor transactions, and flag suspicious activities. Use real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities to ensure regulatory compliance


AML Insurance

IDcentral's AML screening solution offers automated due diligence features, allowing insurance companies to verify the identity of policyholders, monitor transactions, and detect suspicious activities. The software also provides real-time PEP monitoring and alerting capabilities to ensure compliance in the Insurance Industry,


AML Gaming & Gambling

IDcentral's AML screening solution offers advanced analytics and risk scoring tools to ensure regulatory compliance, allowing gaming and gambling companies to monitor transactions, identify high-risk gamers, and generate alerts when suspicious activities are detected on gaming and gambling platforms.


AML Real estate

IDcentral's AML screening solution offers beneficial ownership identification tools, allowing real estate companies to verify the identity of buyers and sellers related to beneficial ownership. The software also provides real-time monitoring of long-term users and contracts, while keeping track of users on global watchlists for exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Onboarding is the process of acquiring new customers, ensuring that they access all the services and products contracted in a simple and fast way, integrating into the company’s customer base. Digital onboarding often known as online or remote onboarding is a completely digitized process. Here customers do not need to go to an office or store if they do not want to, being able to become a customer remotely with the same security and guarantee. We have seen surge in acceptance of digital systems especially after 2020. So it in now more important than ever to adopt digital onboarding system. It helps in

  • Exponentially increasing the conversion rates by expanding the reach and providing multiple touch point method.
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  • Real time verification

Yes, IDcentral provides Active/ Passive liveness detection solution with OCR capabilities.

With IDcentrals digital onboarding system, all one needs to do is take a selfie. Then the process of authentication would involve two steps.

  • The liveness detection functionality by IDcentral detects a spoof attempt by determining whether the source of a biometric sample is a live human being or a fake representation. This is accomplished through algorithms, that analyze data collected from cameras to determine if the source is live.
  • Our OCR process then compares the selfie to the picture in the government ID database.


Alternative credit scoring refers to the use of data from digital platforms and applications on consumer behaviour for credit risk assessment. In the past, credit bureaus were the sole source of consumer credit information, which lending institutions use to reduce bad debt and market risk. Alternative credit scoring demonstrates the potential strength of combining data from multiple sources, like airtime usage, mobile money usage, geolocation, bills payment history, and social media usage.

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