Travel & Tourism

Now provide comprehensive onboarding solutions for  delightful travel journeys.


Secure your travel business. Expedite seamless onboarding

IDcentral offers a secure solution for the travel and tourism industry to comply with local and international regulations. The solution can extend to all partners in the travel and tourism value chain, enabling faster access to services in a risk-free manner. 

The IDcentral Edge

Increase booking rates

Overcome booking abandonment by gaining the trust of customers from the start. IDcentral’s online KYC identity verification coupled with a secure payment process cements customer trust in your services.

  • Complies with government regulations for the travel industry
  • Protects the ecosystem from money launders
  • Accelerates and streamlines onboarding
  • Enables customer identity verification through various products
Secure Card Pay

The IDcentral Edge

Prevent card fraud

With IDcentral’s AI-powered identity verification solution, travel companies can cross-check user identity, enable biometric authentication and prevent card fraud. Complying with travel regulations to ensure that companies do not inadvertently provide passage to blocklisted persons.

  • Prevent identity theft and credit and debit card fraud
  • Mitigate criminal activities through identity checks
  • Increase booking rates and reduce abandonment rates

Onboarding solutions for financial services companies


Authenticate guests during check-in

Deploy ID scanning and online KYC to ensure that services are delivered to the right guests.


Secure airport check-ins

Validate passenger identity through identity scanning and Face Match APIs from IDcentral.


Secure taxi bookings and ride-sharing

Build trust between customers & partners by checking the identity of both parties through AI-based identity verification solutions.


Secure travel bookings

Scale the travel booking business with fool-proof identity verification solutions & instant user onboarding.


Ensure tourist guides are genuine and certified

IDcentral's identity verification gives travelers the confidence of knowing their guide is certified, authentic, and trustworthy.