Banking and Financial Services

Secure the digital shift with faster onboarding and automated digital workflows


Streamline the remote onboarding process

IDcentral combines AI, computer vision, and machine learning to help financial services to reliably and securely verify remote users with quick and easy user identity verification processes to increase onboarding conversions.

The IDcentral Edge

Re-imagine onboarding

Overcome challenges of branchless banking & enable remote onboarding. IDcentral offers formidable AI-based KYC & online identity verification for a secure & trustworthy customer base.

  • Amplify opening account conversions
  • Shorten the identity verification process
  • Stop impostors from breaching your systems
  • Mitigate identity theft
  • Achieve powerful transaction monitoring
Re-imagine onboarding
Adhere to AML norms 24_7

The IDcentral Edge

Adhere to AML norms 24/7

With the increasing digitalization of financial services, the opportunities for fraud have risen dramatically. IDcentral helps you adhere to AML norms issued by RBI and SEBI across VCIP & eKYC. Our tools support eSignature, DigiLocker, & OVD identification.

  • Seamless identity verification
  • Track suspicious accounts
  • Instant alerts regarding high-risk customers
  • Simplifies video KYC
  • Easy document verification through DigiLocker

Onboarding solutions for financial services companies


Document Verification

Our system matches user document details with the government databases and authenticates the document in one click.


AML Screening

Our system instantly identifies possible threats by real-time screening and monitoring across 1000+ global watchlists.


Reduce high-risk transactions

Our system eliminate the possibility of fraud transactions, identity theft & account takeover through biometric identification.


RBI and SEBI compliance

Adhere to RBI norms of video KYC and SEBI norms of eKYC for AML screening, and avoid steep penalties for non-compliance.


Seamless onboarding

Ensure customer delight through seamless remote onboarding. Reduce dropout rates in account conversion.


Complete verification for all financial services

Our system ensures 100% verification of your customer accounts across all financial services and products.