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Comply to government guidelines with IDcentral’s AML/CTF solution!

Prevent, detect, and report money laundering activities and fulfil your AML regulatory obligations!

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Comply to government guidelines with IDcentral’s AML/CTF solution!

Get accurate alerts. Prevent financial crimes

IDcentral’s intuitive AML system, powered by advanced AI and Machine learning is here to uncover hidden fraudsters and send alerts about the fraud before it happens! IDcentral helps you comply with all the FATF guidelines.

Monitor in Real-time

A comprehensive ruleset that helps you monitor every slightest possibility of suspicious activity, eventually limiting the occurrence of fraud.

Minimize False Alarms

We help you spot patterns and provide a clearer picture before claiming risk and hence minimize fraud.

Intuitive UX/UI

Easy-to-use interface with seamless API integration for great customer experience.

Engineered for Growth

Leverage industry-specific rules and scenarios fit for your business with front-end control or work with our industry experts to set your own.

IDcentral’s Global Screening and Monitoring

Spot more risks and reduce false positives with near real-time screening of new online customers. IDcentral raises a red flag immediately and helps prevent financial crime and money laundering with automated customer watchlist screening. We keep an eye on the following lists:

Sanction Watchlists


Adverse Media

Search critical profiles with IDcentral’s AI-powered matching algorithms and provide your AML process a unique risk appetite.

Here is why you should choose IDcentral

Here is why you should choose IDcentral

IDcentral’s screening datasets provide a stringent filter which makes the possibility of fraud less. Here is why you should choose IDcentral:

  • The data for screening is collated from 200+ countries and territories. This includes 1000+
    official sanctions, regulator, and law enforcement watchlists.
  • For PEP screening we use 7000+ structured sources.
  • 100m+ media articles per month are screened for adverse media screening.
  • The databases are updated in near real-time. Sanctions databases are updated after 15 minutes of list updates.
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IDcentral’s Transaction Monitoring

Real-time, data-agnostic rules engine that gives you an edge by complying with the government regulations and guidelines. Transaction monitoring refers to monitoring customer accounts and activity for illegal behaviour, and it is a primary tool in helping to detect and prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. It involves assessing historical/current customer information and interactions to provide a complete picture of customer activity.

Configuring a Transaction monitoring solution to balance regulatory and operational requirements is not an easy task. We will simplify it!

Seamless onboarding with OCR+facematch capabilities
Automatically scrutinize and monitor all accounts, customers, correspondents, and third parties across all the business lines.
Leverage all your data by ingesting, enriching, and closely analysing structured and unstructured data. Integrate your data and configure easily with internal watchlists.
Increase precision in detecting false alarms with adaptive, behavior-based models.
Targeted monitoring of high-risk segments with the help of behavioural clusters.
Case Management

Case Management

Make an informed decision in terms of who can use your platform. IDcentral’s case management solution automatically scans through the account, customer information, transactions made, Know Your Customer data (KYC), and other related information to determine if there is any suspicious activity that needs reporting and provides a score for prioritizing.

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