PAN Verification API

Real time PAN Card Verification using Government Database Check  


Identify and Automate PAN Verification with APIs

With IDcentral’s PAN verification API, you can be confident that the vendors or merchants you onboard have the proper identification documentation and possess a valid PAN card through PAN validation.
Make your identity verification and onboarding process quick and simple by combining it with IDcentral’s OCR API for PAN verification online.

Product Features

Real time PAN verification using Government Database 

The Real-Time PAN Card Verification API is the ultimate tool for identity verification and KYC compliance. With instant access to the government database, enable online PAN verification by PAN no with businesses able to verify PAN card details in real-time, ensuring accurate identity verification. This powerful solution eliminates the possibility of fraud and errors, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes. Say goodbye to manual verification processes and hello to a faster, more secure way of verifying identities with PAN card details checking.

PAN Verification
GST verification by PAN Card

Product Features

Validate GST using PAN Card Details

Integrate GST search by PAN allowing users to quickly validate GST registrations by performing a PAN number check. This feature ensures that businesses are registered with the correct PAN number, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring compliance with GST regulations.

Product Features

Extract and verify PAN Number with AI-based OCR

Our AI-based OCR technology enables accurate extraction and verification of Permanent Account Numbers (PAN) from various documents. With our API solution, you can easily extract and validate PAN numbers with automated onboarding & PAN checking workflows. Save time and increase accuracy with our efficient and reliable PAN number extraction and PAN card address checking capabilities.

PAN-card Verification

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Verify from a Secure Government Database

Instantly verify PAN card details of Indian citizens with high accuracy and reliability from trusted government databases


Prevent Fraud and Adhere to Compliance

Validate PAN numbers to ensure compliance with government regulations and prevent fraudulent activities.


Enable Identity-Proofing using PAN ID data

Access a comprehensive database of PAN card information to streamline customer onboarding and authentication processes.


Integrate PAN Verification with your onboarding flow

Provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for integrating PAN verification into existing systems and workflows.


Increase Precision with an expansive PAN API arsenal

Customizable API options to meet the specific needs and requirements of businesses across various industries.


Ensure zero downtime and updated databases for user screening

Real-time updates and notifications to ensure data is up-to-date and accurate for improved decision-making.

Use Cases


Financial institutions

Authenticate customers' PAN details during account opening or transactions & income tax PAN verification


Online merchants

Integrate PAN verification API to verify transaction and identities of customers while making high-value purchases


Insurance companies

Use PAN verification API to verify the PAN details of policyholders for underwriting and claim settlement purposes.


Fintech startups

Use PAN verification API to ensure the authenticity of user information during KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance.


Government agencies

Use PAN verification API to verify the PAN details of taxpayers for income tax PAN verification and refund processing.


Telecom operators

Integrate PAN verification for SIM card activation and verification to onboarding Telco customers remotely.

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