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Impact of Generative AI on Identity Proofing


Generative AI and Identity Proofing: A Wild Ride Ahead 

This is about something that’s been buzzing in the tech world – generative AI. It’s a game-changer, no doubt about it. But like that double-edged sword in your favourite fantasy novel, it’s got its dark side too. And one area where we’re going to feel that sting? Identity proofing.

Generative AI: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 

So, what’s generative AI? It’s all about creating new stuff that looks and feels just like the real deal. We’re talking about pictures, videos, text, even voices. Cool, right? But here’s the kicker: this tech can be used to mess with identity verification.

Take DeepFace Lab, for example. This software lets you swap faces in videos like a pro. Now imagine someone using this to pretend to be you on a video call. Creepy, huh? And it doesn’t stop there. Generative AI can whip up fake identities, complete with all the trimmings – documents, online profiles, the works. This means our current ways of checking who’s who could be heading for the tech scrapheap.

Identity Proofing: Time for a Makeover 

The rise of generative AI is shaking up the world of identity proofing. Our current systems, like Document Face Match and Liveness Detection, are based on the idea that you can’t just generate fake, yet realistic data. Well, generative AI just laughed in the face of that idea.

So, what’s the fallout? We’re probably going to see a surge in identity fraud and abuse. Bad guys exploiting this tech could slip past security measures, causing chaos in areas like banking, healthcare, and government services, where knowing who’s who is super important.

Moving Forward: A New Look for Identity Proofing 

So, what do we do? Well, we’ve got to rethink identity proofing. We need to come up with new ways to verify identities that can stand up to generative AI. And that’s going to take a mix of tech innovation, new rules, and making sure everyone’s in the know.

Tech Innovation: Let’s use AI to fight AI. We can develop machine learning algorithms to spot fake data. And we can use blockchain to create unchangeable identity records, making it tougher for the bad guys to create fake identities.

New Rules: We need to set some boundaries for generative AI. That means deciding what’s okay and what’s not, setting penalties for crossing the line, and keeping an eye on how this tech is used.

Spreading the Word: We’ve got to let people know what’s up with generative AI. That means teaching digital smarts, so everyone can spot and report potential fraud.

Wrapping Up 

Generative AI is about to take us on a wild ride, changing how we do identity proofing and bringing a whole new set of challenges. But if we tackle these head-on, we can make the most of this tech while keeping the risks in check.

It’s going to take teamwork – tech companies, governments, and everyday folks like us. But with the right moves, we can make sure our identity proofing is tough, ready, and up to the task. Buckle up, folks. It’s going to be an interesting journey!

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