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Your ID Verification Might Be a Revenue Block—Here’s How to Tell


In today’s digital age, self-identification has evolved from physical visits to banks with tangible identity proofs and biometric confirmations such as fingerprints, to streamlined online processes. With the rise of ‘branchless banking’, customers yearn for a smooth, efficient, and inclusive digital experience. Yet, the question remains – is your Identity Verification (IDV) platform facilitating or impeding this progression?

The Inclusivity Imperative

Once, biometric identification seemed like a futuristic dream, only available to the tech-savvy elite. However, advancements such as facial recognition have underlined the importance of digital inclusivity. Lacking robust digital ID verification tools means leaving vast segments of the population outside the circle of essential services, be it in healthcare, education, or financial realms.

An all-encompassing digital onboarding is no longer a mere luxury—it’s an urgent necessity. It ensures citizens aren’t left behind, granting them access to vital government services and financial avenues. The challenge? Catering to a diverse technological audience. For example, while many in regions like Sub-Saharan Africa harness 3G, 4G, or 5G mobile phones, the devices’ capabilities vary widely.

Embracing Device-Agnostic Platforms

The magic lies in a device-agnostic IDV platform. A truly encompassing platform functions seamlessly across an array of devices—be it the latest smartphones, everyday tablets, or basic laptops. By doing this, the act of identity verification doesn’t remain confined to those sporting cutting-edge gadgets.

Moreover, with most people accessing the internet via mobile devices, the variability in connection stability becomes paramount. Considering the discrepancies across socio-economic strata and regional income disparities, an efficient onboarding process must be versatile, accommodating diverse data, connectivity grades, and device proficiencies. Notably, some state-of-the-art solutions even offer the flexibility for users to kickstart verification on one device and effortlessly transition to another, without the fuss of hefty software downloads.

Banking in a Digital World

The unequivocal trajectory points towards a fully digital banking future. Financial entities shoulder the responsibility of making sure that biometric ID verification tools are not only foolproof and user-friendly but also universally reachable. The roadmap to unlocking the full potential of digital banking—while potentially amplifying revenues—lies in bridging the digital gap. Offering scalable, omni-channel solutions is the golden key.

Embracing the Future of Banking with IDcentral
The writing is on the wall—the future of banking is staunchly digital. As guardians of the financial world, it is incumbent to ensure biometric ID verification is secure, intuitive, and most importantly, universally accessible. The pathway to success in this domain is straightforward: bridge the digital chasm and deploy scalable, omni-channel solutions. By using IDcentral’s identity verification platform, institutions can not only democratize digital banking but also potentially amplify their revenues.

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