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AML Screening & Monitoring Solution

End-to-end AML compliance, powered by IDcentral

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    An end-to-end AML compliance solution

    Regulators face growing concerns over user data privacy and security. In the course of capturing and verifying customer information, companies must protect consumers and themselves from fraud, money laundering, and other financial crimes. IDcentral’s AI-based AML Screening Solution helps you align with changing regulations and ensures seamless business operations.



    AML screening & monitoring

    Screen customers against 1,000+ global watchlists including PEP, sanctions, and AML lists, and get real-time notifications on any incidents of fraud.


    Financial transaction monitoring

    Follows customer transactions on your platform through an advance rule engine that also raises alerts in case of any violation.


    Searching and linkage analytics

    Quickly identify potential threats and suspicious users and their links to other users and merchants on your platform, and get immediate alerts on risk scores.


    Case review & reporting

    Automatically scans customer accounts, data, and KYC forms and reports any suspicious activity so that the user data can be scrutinized further.


    Tooling-based approach

    Provides a repository of tools that assure high solution performance and greater user productivity.

    Proven outcomes of IDcentral’s AML Screening Solution

    • Empowers the business with critical insights to make right decisions 
    • Measures customer risk to reduce losses from fraud
    • Increases productivity by minimizing manual effort spent on AML
    • Improves compliance with regional and international standards
    • Enhances reputation and credibility among customers and investors
    Proven outcomes