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Digital Onboarding

A rich onboarding solution comprising AML screening, fraud detection, and KYC verification

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    Frictionless digital onboarding for customer delight

    Organizations these days are under constant threat of losing credibility, customers, and revenue due to cyber fraud. In fact, 2-5% of the global GDP is lost due to money laundering every year. IDcentral’s Digital Onboarding Solution offers a user-friendly interface allowing customers to securely share sensitive information in a highly secure ecosystem through frictionless processes.



    KYC verification

    Integrates all the capabilities of our KYX solution to ensure secure and smooth customer onboarding using various KYC suites.


    Fraud detection

    Leverages all the features of our Fraud Detection Solution, such as biometric ID, document ID, Liveness detection, Face Match, and more, to avert cyber fraud.


    AML screening

    Brings in AI-driven capabilities in screening to secure your enterprise from blocklisted users while ensuring you stay abreast of the latest regulatory norms.

    Proven outcomes of IDcentral’s Digital Onboarding Solution

    • Easily customizable to suit the compliance norms of your industry
    • Scales easily to handle large volumes without impacting the business
    • Provides seamless customer onboarding journeys with all the requisite security protocols
    Proven outcomes