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Identity Verification

Get 360-degree protection against fraud through ID, biometric, and document verification

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    Modernize your KYC processes and avert fraud with a single solution

    Virtual identities are risky for any business because it exposes them to the possibility of identity fraud by unscrupulous actors. Online documents can be easily tampered with, making it hard for organizations to weed out genuine customers from fake ones. IDcentral’s Fraud Detection is an industry-agnostic solution that gives enterprises the option of bundling together key KYC capabilities to reinforce their customer onboarding against avenues of fraud.



    Immediate identity verification

    Match customer identities with government databases within seconds. Integrates with Digilocker to streamline verification, making it faster, accurate, and effective.


    Paperless document verification

    Eliminate manual document submissions and avoid instances of forgery. Match government data with those submitted by the customer within seconds.


    Accurate biometric authentication

    Bundles IDcentral’s Liveness Detection, Face Match, and Face ID products. Adds an extra layer of security against scams and fake identities.


    AI-driven data extraction

    Our APIs seamlessly extract crucial customer information through any channel like eKYC and video KYC, enabling instant and smart verification.


    Instant notifications

    Get timely alerts on suspicious or forged documents and automatically deny fraudulent attempts to enter your systems.

    Proven outcomes of IDcentral’s identity verification solution

    • Enhanced user experience through omnichannel verifications
    • Build trust and elevate the credibility of your organization
    • A future-proofed and scalable verification solution process
    • Reduce the cost of verification through a one-stop 360° solution
    • Maintain vendor accountability through fraud-free operations
    Proven outcomes