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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is India’s national professional accounting organisation, reporting to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of the Government of India. It is the country’s governing organisation for the Chartered Accountancy profession.

An ICAI Verification API validates CA membership numbers and provides pertinent information about a specific member. The API enables you to onboard and verify Chartered Accountants in a seamless and timely manner utilising the most credible source.

Since ICAI (CA membership) Verification API can be integrated into a digital platform, it makes it quick, scalable and reliable to verify the CA membership details. With its assistance, you may guarantee the Chartered Accountants’ validity and stop fraudulence. For some organisations and entities, the Income Tax Department also suggests using online ICAI verification APIs to confirm the legitimacy of accountants. The process is simple, all you need to provide is a COP No for the API to process the verification request.

With an OCR-based solution for ICAI Verification, the process is simplified and streamlined some more with automated extraction COP No. from the uploaded CA Membership certificate, and the API will instantly return a result, indicating whether their membership certificate is valid and issued by the ICAI or not, Name of the holder, city, email id and address. This can be done within milliseconds, saving you valuable time and effort, but also enabling real-time verification and onboarding of authenticated CA members. 

An ICAI Verification API can help in verifying the chartered accountants and ensure that the membership is legitimate and not fraudulent. This is essential for banks, NBFCs, and other financial institutions that verify the membership certificate of an individual. 

The ICAI Membership Verification API can also be effective for various organisations and entities who need to confirm the authenticity of accountants in addition to financial institutions. For some organisations and businesses, the Income Tax Department also suggests adopting online ICAI verification API tools.

What is the process of verifying CA membership?  ICAI-Process

If you’re looking to hire a Chartered Accountant (CA) for your business, it’s essential to verify their membership status to ensure that they are legitimate and suitable for the role. Here’s how to verify a CA’s membership:

Step 1: Obtain the ICAI Membership Number

The first step in verifying the membership status of a CA is to obtain their ICAI Membership number. This unique identification number is issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and is necessary for accessing a CA’s membership details.

Step 2: Submit the CA Membership Number for Verification

Once you have the CA’s ICAI Membership number, the next step is to submit it for verification. You can do this by accessing the ICAI’s website or through third-party verification services that offer CA membership verification.

Step 3: Receive the CA Membership Verification Report

After submitting the membership number, you’ll receive a verification report that contains multiple data points to help mitigate onboarding risk. This report includes the following details:

  1. Membership Details: The report includes the CA’s membership status and the date on which they were admitted to the ICAI. This information helps ensure that the CA is a legitimate member of the institute and authorized to practice as a CA.
  2. COP Details: A certificate of Practice (COP) is a license issued to CAs that allows them to offer professional services. The report includes the CA’s COP details, such as the period of validity of their COP, the date of issuance, and their membership type. This information helps ensure that the CA has a valid COP and is authorized to offer professional services.
  3. Professional Details: The report also contains information on the CA’s professional details, including their area of expertise, experience, and professional qualifications. This information helps evaluate the CA’s suitability for the role that you intend to hire them for.

Benefits of CA Membership Verification with our API



In order to validate the certificate, our stringent ICAI verification procedure carefully checks a number of data points, assuring the greatest level of accuracy in the outcomes.

Streamlined Processes

Without requiring you to take any extra procedures, you may instantly obtain results by uploading your ICAI Membership certificate or COP No.

Certificate Authentication

A useful approach for evaluating a person’s creditworthiness and verifying their validity.

Frequently asked questions: CA Membership Verification

What is CA Membership Verification API?

CA Membership Verification API is a framework that enables businesses to quickly and accurately validate any person’s CA Membership Certificate.

How does ICAI Verification API work?

With an ICAI Membership API, the user needs to simply upload their ICAI Membership Certificate, which then triggers the verification workflow that retrieves the necessary data, seamlessly returning the information from the verified chartered accountant after verification of the details.

What conditions must be met for the CA Membership Verification API to function?

You may validate the ICAI Membership Certificate’s validity as well as see if the user-provided data corresponds to the information on the certificate.

What conditions must be met for the ICAI Verification API to function?

The COP No. can be uploaded to authenticate an ICAI Membership Certificate./ Membership No. which then uses AI-based OCR technology to extract and verify the certificate.

What is the advantage of online ICAI verification over offline ICAI verification?

The online ICAI verification is accomplished through the use of an immediate ICAI verification API, in which the user only has to upload the COP No./Membership No. Alternatively, they may just submit a picture of the membership certificate, and we’ll use our OCR to extract the information and confirm it. While offline verification can be tedious and includes documents to be transferred and verified manually, which will slow down the onboarding process.

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