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Driving License Verification API for Identity Verification: User Onboarding


Introducing the Driving License Verification API

It is common in India to ask for a driving licence for proof of identification be it for renting a house or giving away a bride, it is the longest-standing ID for Indians after Voter’s ID. 

By using a digital driving license verification solution, checking driving licence numbers can be done remotely, and only verified customers or users can be allowed access to digital platforms, online services, and secure shared economy services like renting a car or booking a hotel online. Checking driving licenses online for validity and status helps avoid manual processes that can be time-consuming, and errors can be costly. That’s where Driving License Verification API comes in. 

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the dl verification online API and explain how driving license verification can benefit your business for digital onboarding customers, employees, clients or users.

What is a Driving License Verification API?

In simple terms, a Driving License Verification API lets you take a picture of the government-provided driving license, and extracts and verifies data on the ID using proprietary AI that is trained to detect fraud and synthetic IDs. This AI helps automatically verify driving licence details like the license number, stamps and other key verification features of the ID helping verify IDs quickly allowing for a seamless digital customer onboarding experience.

DL APIs speed up, simplify, and secure the onboarding process, allowing for verification without the customer’s physical presence. The digital verification technique for any type of authentication, such as driving licence verification API, is adaptable, promoting smooth workflows and increasing efficiency.

IDcentral’s Driving License Verification API is based on RestAPI which allows ensures easy integration to web or app-based platforms. Adding this API to your digital onboarding flow allows you to automate the process of verifying all the details on a driver’s license using AI-based OCR technology that extracts and verifies details with government databases. 

Powered by a comprehensive database of driver’s licenses helps in verifying the ID which is regularly updated to ensure that you have access to the latest information. 

Benefits of using the Driving License Verification API

There are several benefits of using the Driving License Verification API for your business:


With the API, you can automate the driver’s license verification process, which saves time and eliminates the need for manual verification.

Check document & information forgery

The API checks the driver’s license status against a comprehensive database, which provides accurate and up-to-date information.


By using the API, you can ensure that your business is compliant with regulatory requirements.

Plug and play Driving License Verification API

The API is a cost-effective solution for driver license verification as it eliminates the need for manual labour and reduces administrative costs.

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How does the Driving License Verification API work?

It is simple to use the Driving License Verification API. The online DL verification is performed by employing an instant DL verification API, in which the user just enters the DL details or uploads a photo of the DL, and then we extract and validate the data using our driving licence OCR. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started:

  1. Sign Up: To use the API, you’ll need to sign up for an account. You can do this by visiting the API provider’s website and following the sign-up process.
  2. Submit a Request: To verify a driver’s license, you’ll need to submit a request to the API. The request will include the driver’s license number, a photo of the ID, and any other information required by the API.
  3. Receive a Response: Once the API processes your request, it will provide a response indicating the driver’s license status, Name and address of the individual, issue and expiry timeline, category & type of vehicle authorised and the issuing RTO details. The response may also include additional details, such as the driver’s name, address, and date of birth.

Use cases for the Driving License Verification API

The Driving License Verification API can be used in several industries, including:

  1. Insurance: Insurance companies can use the API to verify the driver’s license status of policyholders before providing coverage. This helps them assess risk and avoid paying claims for accidents caused by unlicensed drivers.
  2. Transportation: Transportation companies can use the API to verify the driver’s license status of employees before assigning driving duties. This helps them ensure that their drivers legally comply to operate commercial vehicles.
  3. Human Resources: Human resources departments can use the API to verify the driver’s license status of job candidates before hiring. This helps them avoid potential liabilities through address verification and ensure that new hires meet job requirements.
  4. Shared Economies: Renting a car or booking a stay can be a hassle as it is, in order to ease the verification process and allow customers to access services more easily, online platforms and on spot, registrations can now employ driving license verification APIs that can screen identities before providing access.
  5. Age Verification: Since driving licenses have an age of authorization, it is easy to use driving license verification to allow only eligible clients and users to be onboarded for services through age verification
  6. Fraud Prevention: With forgery and tamper detection built-in, driving license verification enables Identity Verification of individuals signing up, be it for services online or platform usage access. DL Verification API is designed to efficiently and precisely detect such fraud.
  7. Insurance Claims Verification: Since Driving License Verification API retrieves data of suspended, blocked, and valid driving licenses, insurance claim verification and other mandatory checks of driving license authenticity and status can be verified.
  8. Digital KYC: Using IDcentral’s composite APIs KYC verification using a driving license is possible through a single process that ensures KYC compliance.
  9. Delivery executive onboarding: It is critical to have appropriate driving licence information when onboarding delivery executives for your company. This ensures that you have authorised drivers and licencing records. IDcentral’s DL OCR API ensures that you receive accurate digitised data in seconds.
  10. Live Biometric Verification: With a composite API, AI-driven identity verification can be performed to check and verify the face of the driver/rider to match the ID.

IDcentral’s Driving License Verification API

The advantages of utilising IDcentral’s Driving licence verification API to authenticate Driver Licenses are simple to relate to and comprehend. They are advantages that can have a direct influence on the functioning of your mobility-as-a-service business. This is why:

Reliable Security and regulatory compliance.

IDcentral’s Driving License Verification API complies fully with KYC and privacy rules regarding ID verification. IDcentral’s identity verification will assist you in strengthening security to make it more difficult for fraudulent drivers to access your system.

Automation, efficiency, and precision.

The IDcentral Driving License Verification API validates driver’s permits (licences) in real-time. The technique allows no room for error and extracts the required data with 100% accuracy.


Streamlined verification experience

IDcentral’s Driving License Verification API is powered by cutting-edge AI and can handle a large number of queries at once. Drivers who sign up for your service may complete the whole verification procedure within seconds without having to deal with anybody else.

User onboarding is quick, and conversion rates are sky-high.

IDcentral’s Driving License Verification API quickly answers all the identification questions you need to ask new drivers. Verified drivers on your platform are immediately onboarded, allowing you to install as many additional drivers as your system can manage.

Secure verification in real time

API integration enables safe real-time identity verification. It eliminates the likelihood of fraudulent attempts or identity theft by using a live-video call or image-based verification process.

Adaptable features

DL APIs may be readily integrated into any KYC verification procedure’s touchpoints. Each verification cycle is simply a few minutes long and provides a secure method of identifying and validating a customer’s identification with no gaps or mistakes.

Status Monitoring

On the applicant’s dashboard, the service providers show exact tracking information. When a customer is invited for online onboarding, the KYC status of their application and transactions may all be tracked and handled on a smart dashboard.

Easy Integration

Businesses may interact with IDcentral’s DL verification APIs with little help and no interference from external parties. Businesses may start using DL APIs in a matter of days.

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