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How does Identity Verification enhance Remote Onboarding in Telecommunications?

Telecom ID Verification

One of the most cutthroat customer-facing sectors is telecommunications. Most customers make their choice of a new supplier in a matter of minutes solely based on first impressions and brand awareness. Every point of contact with customers must be optimised by providers, and Identity Verification is key factor. Due to a lengthy and time-consuming SIM Card registration process, many excellent brands regrettably lose clients right away.

Your consumers will be able to complete their SIM card registration in a matter of seconds using their smartphone if you just integrate mobile Identity Verification into your customer-facing app or website! Due to how quick and simple the procedure is, your personnel will have more time to devote to improving customer service rather than signing up new clients.

Here’s how it functions:

Fast & Secure Mobile Onboarding with Identity Verification

Eliminating any needless barriers is the secret to effective Digital onboarding. Customers now have the opportunity to self-onboard for SIM card registration without having to visit a store, at their leisure. All the required information may be promptly gathered in a consistent and quality-assured manner using a mobile-friendly Digital onboarding procedure.


New clients may quickly register new SIM cards and enter into their accounts by using a mobile device by incorporating mobile data capture into your app or website. The Identity Verification data is digitally collected using optical character recognition (OCR) technology and connected to the new SIM card number, which is likewise scanned using OCR technology, in milliseconds and error-free.

Customers and your team will save a significant amount of time thanks to this improved procedure, as seen in our mockup video. Errors are removed, paperwork is processed, and your clients may have a painless registration process.

A Secure and Easy Registration Process

Your SIM card must now be registered with a personal identity in several countries. To guarantee that SIM cards are registered to the correct person and cannot be used fraudulently, the acquired data is shared with the local authorities. Therefore, it is crucial that the data is gathered safely.

Anyline mobile data capture can scan IDs and handle data locally without an internet connection. It is secure to use for registration purposes since no data is saved on servers owned by third parties. Any online data collection complies with the CCPA, DSGVO, and GDPR. Additionally, Anyline has obtained certification for meeting the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 international standard for information security.

“Customer First” Principles

As we’ve seen, the telecoms sector is intensely competitive, and the newest offer or hottest bargain must stand out from the competition. However, the most successful firms are aware that creating the finest user experience will do more to keep customers loyal.

By prioritising the customer experience during SIM card registration, you build a solid basis for your ongoing relationships with new clients. Additionally, by utilising the most up-to-date mobile data collection technology, you can make sure that this procedure is future-proof for a very long time. With the security you can rely on, it is swift and error-free. 

They have become industry leaders thanks to mobile data acquisition, but this proactive attitude has also helped them to outpace rivals globally.

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