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Solutions Across Fintech/Banking Industry

Document-less KYC

IDcentral collaborates with various government databases to provide real-time document-less KYC that results in user friendly and secure consumer journey with no manual intervention.

OCR / Liveness check

User verification is at the heart of keeping your business and finances secure. Elevating security and user experience, by providing liveness check option and optical character recognition (OCR) to stop churn at onboarding.

Alternate credit scoring

Idcentral’s alternate credit scoring model helps you get customer’s credit score and increase the loan book size by giving information about those with limited or no credit histories and hence reduce defaults.

Wallet/card transaction v/s phone number location verification

Our association with telcos helps us track and cross-check the transactional location and the original location to detect fraud.

Key features

Financial transactions are safer when you truly KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER. See why IDcentral's solution is best suited for all your transactions.

Seamless onboarding with OCR+facematch capabilities
Cost efficient solutions
Active liveness detection for secure onbarding
Accurate credit scoring for interest rate assesment
Customized solution according to your needs

Our fraud solution for Banking/Fintech industry include


Minimize card frauds

Payment fraud is one of persistent problems faced by any digital company. IDcentral’s AI-powered solutions help online retailers to reduce costly fraud-related chargebacks, while at the same time increasing successful checkout completion.


Loan defaults/ Credit default

IDcentral’s alternate credit scoring methodology provides people with a much-coveted service and allows the organizations to predict the trustworthiness of the customer without having to deal with a lot of extra risks reducing the NPA.


Account takeover

Account takeover frauds are increasing by 33% Y-o-Y. Prevent end-users account compromise and, unauthorized access with two-factor authentication & customer identity data. IDcentral’s identity analytics solution will help you combat such frauds.

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Differentiate the good from the bad. Filter out fraudulent customers before they impact your revenues.