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Establish trust. Reduce frauds. Increase conversions. Streamline your customers digital journey with IDcentral's digital analytics solution


Establish trust. Reduce frauds. Increase conversions. Streamline your customer's digital journey with IDcentral's digital analytics solution.

Identity analytics solution by IDcentral is a comprehensive solution that can be used to improve the quality and efficiency of onboarding service. It also provides digital verification with advanced analytics and robust data to combat defaulters.

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Solutions Across Insurance Industry

Easy and secure customer onboarding

Our collaboration with data partners gives us enough information that we can offer secure customer onboarding without collecting unnecessary information from the clients. This reduces customer dropouts during the online onboarding process. 

Insights into buying behaviour of customers

IDcentral’s identity analytics solution predicts the income range, buying propensity, socio-economic profile, and risk score. This gives a complete view of the customer based on information gathered from a combination of web browsing activities and our insights from our data partners.

Reduce Identity-related frauds

IDcentral’s identity solution helps you verify and evaluate customer’s digital identity by providing a secure, paperless KYC while onboarding.  Advanced OCR solutions and liveness detection tests help us detect frauds while onboarding. 

Key features

Security? Customer experience? Cost? Getting a hard time balancing all three. Lets us help you with this. Here are a few key features that we provide for a seamless digital journey.

Fast and secure onboarding with OCR+ facematch capabilities
Pocket friendly solution
Several data attributes to verify customers identity
Data enrichment solutions for right targeting
Customized solution according to your needs

Our fraud solution for insurance industry include


Account Takeover

With the increase in data breaches, hackers gain access to personally identifiable information that leaves consumer accounts vulnerable to takeover. Prevent end-user account compromise and unauthorized access with two-factor authentication & customer identity data.


Loan defaults/ Credit defaults

IDcentral’s alternate credit scoring methodology provides people with a much-coveted service and allows the organizations to predict the trustworthiness of the customer without having to deal with a lot of extra risks reducing the NPA.


Prevent identity fraud

During online transactions, we need to be sure that the onboarding customer is who he/she claims to be. With IDcentral’s secure identity solution, onboard legitimate customers with confidence.

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