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Onboarding in the Digital age & two must-haves in your tool kit

Onboarding in the Digital age & two must-haves in your tool kit

If COVID-19 pandemic has made anything obvious to the business community, it is that riding the digital wave is no longer an option for businesses to thrive in the long-run. While several giant enterprises have already switched to a completely remote set up, laggards are still trying to figure their way around justifying such a move.

For smaller organizations, however, investing in a digital-first future might not be as easy. But, getting started with the adoption of a digital-first approach can take you a long way in ensuring long-term success.

Let’s consider this stat from a 2018 study conducted by IDG.

89% of organizations plan to adopt a digital-first business strategy but only 44% have fully adopted it.

This was two years before the pandemic hit us and changed the way we understand technology.

But here’s another prediction from a 2020 Gartner study that might put things in perspective for the tech dubious.

70% of customer interactions will involve emerging technologies like ML applications, chatbots, etc compared to the 15% it was in 2018.

The shift is not only massive but also suggestive of the fact that laggards might not be able to keep up with the pace at which businesses are adopting the digital-first approach.

One of the simplest yet most effective way to boost your customer experience in this new wave of digital is to invest in systems that allow you to provide a smooth and effective customer onboarding.

Considering how important it is to have a good first impression, it is wise for companies that are taking their first steps towards digital transformation to invest in customer onboarding. In order for companies to thrive in this post-pandemic digital age, leveraging in digital onboarding as well as customer onboarding tools is a must.

Typically, traditional onboarding requires a lot of effort on the customer’s part ranging from in-person meetings to heavy, tedious paperwork, repeated onboarding and training sessions in case of a product, etc. The pandemic has made sure that this is not only minimized but also transformed. New-age onboarding has been designed to reduced customer effort and in-person contact of any kind, there by making it very easy for customers to get started.

Depending on the industry, the nuances of digital onboarding may differ in how quick it is, but to a large extent, it is way more efficient when compared to traditional onboarding methods.

Before we get to understand the two most important systems to have in your tool kit to make onboarding in the digital age a success, let’s take a quick look at what Digital Onboarding really is and the ways in which it can benefit your organization.

Digital Onboarding is the process of empowering your customers to digitally sign up with your company and access your services or products. Meaning, they provide their information to get themselves onboarded as a user of your services or product along with some biometric identification.

This is a huge advantage when compared to traditional methods in that signing up happens in a matter of minutes and in a fraction of the cost. This digital streamlining of the onboarding process has proven to be a massive advantage for online businesses. While on the one hand convenience of your customers is important, you also cannot forego security measures. You need a tool that digitally verifies your customers’ identity as you onboard them and make them part of your database.

IDcentral enables companies to digitally onboard their customers with absolute data security, which is a crucial concern in today’s world. With AI-driven digital footprint tracking of customers and liveness detection, the tool allows you to keep new-age cyber threats like identity theft and account frauds at bay.

For product companies, getting your users to sign up is half the battle won. But sometimes companies often face trouble in converting these users, who sign up with you for free, into loyal, paying customers. This is only possible when you provide them with all the information, they need to independently use your product to its fullest potential.

Once users understand your product well enough to see a significant improvement in their productivity and work efficiency, they will not only convert into loyal, paying customers but also act as evangelists of your product. To make this happen, investing in a customer onboarding tool can be game-changing.

Apty is a Digital Adoption Platform that helps companies empower their customers with product tours, in-app on-screen guidance, workflows and more. With powerful analytics, it also gives you insights into how your users interact with your product, giving you the advantage of triggering help content to them as and when needed.

Onboarding is one of the most important stages in the customer journey with your brand as it defines how committed you are towards providing them the best experience. By automating parts of this stage, you stand a much higher chance oftti geng it right, saving time and reducing costs. Invest in the right technologies today to provide your customers the onboarding experience they deserve.

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