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Category: Customer Experience

January 19, 2021

Importance of age verification for digital businesses

2020 has become the lens through which predictions for the whole decade will be forecasted. The wave of digital transformation has enabled easy availability of

January 10, 2021

What data categories are essential for an effective marketing strategy?

With the changing calendar year, we also observe digital maturity among people. A change in their buying pattern, increased use of digital services for financial

November 26, 2020

Emergence of Liveness detection with OCR capabilities for onboarding new customers

A sudden surge in acceptance of digital onboarding was observed during 2020. But over 90% of customers think that companies “could do better” when it

October 16, 2020

Use of Digital Identities to improve consumer experiences

Nowadays I do not need to waste my time fidgeting what I want to binge watch this weekend because my Netflix seems to knows what